Full transportation services

We provide any kind of goods transportation of full lorries with the load capacity between 1 – 23.5 tones. We arrange full loads both in Moldova to European countries(export)  as well as from Europe to Moldova (import).

So, we use the following types of lorries:

Refrigerators; tarpaulin for express international transportation; on demand, we provide you sprinters with the loads weight till 1500 kg; approximate volume – 20m3.

Trucks (tarpaulin, van, refrigerator) – load capacity till 3500kg (3.5 tons); approximate interior volume 33 m3.

Trucks (tarpaulin, van, refrigerator) – load capacity till 23.5 tons; for big volume goods we can provide you mega-trucks.

Group transportation services


We provide group transportation with vans and lorries of different size and load capacity from 1 cargo pallet till a full lorry of 33 pallets. The express transportation is accomplished fully or of group and your goods are ensured all the way long. The group transportation is up to the client’s request.

Our weekly transportation to the countries of Europe guarantees that the group transportation of your goods will achieve in time the destination.

Group transportation is fulfilled by collecting the goods from the  country to European destination and expediting them in the shortest time to your client in order to achieve in time the destination. The group collecting of goods is effectuated from Romania to European countries. The transit time depends on the distance and the weight of the goods that could be for a pallet or package of 5 kg.

The goods are ensured all the way long indifferently if this is a group or express or exclusive transportation.

The organization of the transport activity is done by our qualified staff through direct communication with the client and the sender of the goods in order to provide optimum conditions of the group and full transportation to the destination

Dangerous goods transportation. ADR Transportation.


We provide you ADR full and group Transportation services  all together with other goods in terms of safety respecting all the agreed regulations.

According to European Accord, they were established 9 classes of dangerous goods in transportation.

According the same accord ADR, dangerous goods mean to be all the substances and objects which by their physical-chemical nature could cause physical harm and damage environment.

1 class: explosive substances and articles

2 class: gases

3 class: flammable liquids

4.1. class : flammable solids, selfreactive substances, explosives and solid desensitized.

4.2. substances with spontaneous ignition

4.3.substances which being in contact with water emit flammable gases

5.1.oxidizing substances peroxides

6.1. toxic substances

6.2. infectious substances

7. radioactive substances

8. corrosive substances

9. miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles

The classification should be done by the sender (owner) of the goods, eventually with the producer’s  help.

Containers transportation

We provide container goods transportation to all the world destinations, we guarantee high level standards of quality, promptitude and safety.

The collaboration with the most known shipping containers lines, permanent and strict monitoring of the whole flow of transportation – from the containers loading till the delivery at destination, providing current information regarding the position of your goods, are facts that prove that we are concerned permanently about the improvement of the provided services to our client.

FCL = full container load LCL = less than container load