Truck transport in full mode

We carry out transports in full trucks with loading capacities between 1 ton and 23.5 tons, for any type of cargo. We organize full loads both from Moldova to European countries (export), and vice versa, from Europe to Moldova (import), as well as in transit.

Thus, we use the following types of trucks:

  • Refrigerators; tarpaulin – for fast international transports; on request, we can offer you sprinters with a cargo weight of up to 1500 kg; Volume approx. 20m³.
  • Vans (tarpaulin, van, refrigerated) – loading capacity up to 3500 kg (3.5 tons); internal volume of approx. 33 m³.
  • Trucks (tarpaulin, van, refrigerated) – loading capacities up to 23.5 tons; for voluminous or larger goods, we provide loading in mega trucks and others.

Groupage transport

We carry out groupage freight transport with vans and trucks of different sizes and volumes that can load from 1 pallet of goods or a full truck that can load up to 33 pallets. The transport is carried out as a full express truck or as a groupage, the goods being insured for the entire duration of the transport. The goods are transported in group mode at the customer’s request.

Our shipments are weekly to Europe, so even your goods that are transported by groupage will reach the customer in the optimal time.

Groupage transports are carried out by collecting the goods in the country on our trucks that carry out groupages to Europe and then ship them in the shortest possible time to reach your customer in the optimal time at the established location. Grouping of goods is carried out from Romania to European countries. The transit time for the goods depends on the distance and the tonnage of the goods, which can be from a pallet or parcel from 5 kg.

The goods are insured for the entire duration of the transport regardless of whether the goods are transported in group mode or in express or exclusive mode.

The organization of the entire transport activity is carried out by our qualified staff communicating directly with the client and the sender of the goods so that the goods transported by us in groupage or full truck mode arrive in the best and optimal conditions at the destination.

Transportation of dangerous goods. ADR Transportation

We offer ADR transport services both in full mode and in groupage – together with other goods, in safe conditions and in compliance with the legal regulations in the field.


According to the European Agreement A.D.R. 9 classes of dangerous substances in transport have been established.

According to the European ADR Agreement, dangerous goods are understood as all those substances or objects that by their physical-chemical nature could cause personal damage, but also to the environment, thus establishing 9 classes of dangerous goods:

  • Class 1: explosive substances and objects;
  • Class 2: gases;
  • Class 3: flammable liquids;
  • Class 4.1: flammable solids, self-reactive substances and explosives, desensitized solids;
  • Class 4.2: substances that ignite spontaneously;
  • Class 4.3: substances which, in contact with water, release flammable gases;
  • Class 5.1: oxidizing substances;
  • Class 5.2: organic peroxides;
  • Class 6.1: toxic substances;
  • Class 6.2: infectious substances;
  • Class 7: radioactive substances;
  • Class 8: corrosive substances;
  • Class 9: miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles;

The classification must be done by the sender (holder) of the goods, possibly with the help of the manufacturer.









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